The University of Alabama is an open research institution and is considered the oldest and largest university in Alabama. It was founded in 1820. In 1831, the university started holding classes. It has affiliations to several illustrious institutions, including the University of Alabama System, the Oak Ridge Associated Universities, and the Universities Research Association. William Nicholas, a well-known architect, created and developed the university’s infrastructure.

He is best known for his involvement in the building of the Chris Episcopal Church in Tuscaloosa and the Alabama State Capitol. There are 1,970 acres of land dedicated to the campus. There are about 297 buildings on the site. It offers all of the amenities needed by students.

University of Alabama [UA]  Admissions

The student population has access to the lodging facility as well. The management staff of the institution oversees and maintains the campus’s infrastructure. The institution organizes many events, fests, quizzes, and competitions on the property. There are various well-known cafes and restaurants close to the campus. Additionally, there are chemist stores and stationery businesses close to the school. The university has easy access to public transportation. The campus is well-known for being green and clean, and it offers students a serene learning atmosphere. The university provides both undergraduate and graduate degree programmes.

The undergraduate programme has 33,305 students, while the graduate programme has 5,258 students. 38,563 students make up the university’s whole student body. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools is reported to have granted accreditation to the university. Under the direction of knowledgeable instructors, students are guided.

Thirteen academic units make up the curriculum. The College of Arts & Sciences, College of Communication & Information Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Law, College of Nursing, and the College of Human Environmental Sciences are a few of the important divisions. Students have the chance to hear about research projects from specialists. Engineering is a prominent area of study at the institution. Over the years, the university has experienced a sharp increase in enrollment.

Mark Childress, an accomplished author; Jean Cox, an opera singer, Borden Deal, Tim Early, Winston Groom, James M. Fail, the chairman of Bluebonnet Savings Bank, May Hyman Lesser, a medical illustrator, Harper Lee, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Gay Talese, a renowned journalist and author, Ray Reach, a jazz musician, Tanner Latham, Saul Williams, and Saul Williams are just (President of Russell Manufacturing Company).

University of Alabama [UA] Admissions

University of Alabama [UA] Admissions 2022 Acceptance Rate,

Admissions to the University of Alabama are more stringent, with an acceptance rate of 80%. An ACT score of 23 to 31 or an SAT score between 1070 and 1330 are required for admission to the University of Alabama. Nevertheless, 25% of accepted applicants received scores above these limits, while 25% received scores below these levels. The University of Alabama has a sliding application deadline and a $40 application fee.

The University of Alabama considers a student’s GPA a significant academic factor. University of Alabama admissions officers consider letters of recommendation and an applicant’s high school class rank if it is available.

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University of Alabama [UA] Deadlines

Applications must be completed and submitted by January 15 to be fully considered. Admissions are open at the University of Alabama for the Fall, Summer, and Spring semesters. While US students must submit their SAT/ACT results, international applicants are not obligated to do so. To be eligible for undergraduate admission, a student must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

Below are the application deadlines for undergraduate and graduate programmes:

  • Fall semester for undergraduates May 1
  • October 1st, undergraduate Spring semester
  • Summer semester for undergraduates March 1

University of Alabama [UA] Application Process

Students entering the Fall 2023 Semester will not be required to submit standardized ACT or SAT results to the University of Alabama. A comprehensive study will be used to determine whether to admit freshmen starting in the fall of 2023. Academic and non-academic requirements are both part of UA’s holistic admissions process.

High school GPA, achievement in core subjects, academic honours, and test scores—should a student choose to submit them—are all academic factors taken into account. Leadership experience, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, employment, and non-academic accolades are examples of non-academic items. All students must fulfill the fundamental unit requirements.
The existence of a score will not unfairly favour or disfavour applicants for admission. Contact your high school counselor or a UA recruiter if you’re unclear about whether or not to submit your standardized test results.

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