The Original Sequel Program

Vocational Services

Clarinda Academy believes that vocational programming and job training can play an instrumental role in the continued success of our students. The goals of our Vocational and Employment Training Program are as follows:

  • Teach relevant job skills
  • Place students in jobs offering an opportunity for growth and development
  • Develop the requisite behavior and skills needed to complement the job training
  • Prepare students to be self-sufficient contributors to society
  • Teach students to appreciate the value of work

In addition to the job training provided, students will have the opportunity to participate in Clarinda’s Job Program Vocations. Our Vocations are programs designed to allow students the opportunity to gain pre-employment skills and on the job training, as well as fulfill their community service and restitution obligations to their victims and residing courts.

Students are offered a broad array of vocational courses including welding, maintenance, landscaping/gardening, turf management, screen-printing and graphic design, and as well as a Certified Nursing Assistant program offered through the local community college.

Along with vocational programs, employment opportunities are available, including gardening and landscaping, tutoring, maintenance, infirmary assistant, on-campus food service, athletic field maintenance, cafeteria worker, auto detailing, and off-campus employment with local businesses.