The Original Sequel Program
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Eagles Club

Eagles Creed

We are Clarinda Academy Eagles. We wake up every morning ready to role model the four core norms. We encourage and hold our peers accountable to accept all intervention the first time given. We utilize intervention to help our peers succeed. We remind our peers that CA is an opportunity not a punishment. We never stray far from what is right, showing integrity, care and concern. We leave all negative affiliations at the door. We proudly represent our Eagles Club and we are proud to say that we are Clarinda Academy Eagles.

The Eagles Club is the student organization on campus that every student has an opportunity to be a part of. It is the foundation of our student culture and drives nearly every aspect of campus activities. The Eagles serve as role models and representatives for Clarinda Academy as well as maintain the positive norms across campus. For most students, earning their Eagle status is part of the requirements for their programming. The process to becoming an Eagle is simple: do the right thing. After a student has an understanding of the expectations across campus and becomes an active participant on their dorm, they will be given a pledge packet. The “pledge” will work through it with staff and other Eagles on their dorm and when complete, they will have earned their Eagle.